Friday, January 16, 2009

Minnesota Wild Rival

I saw this poll online – do you agree with the results?

Which team do you consider to be the Wild's biggest rival?
Vancouver: 60 %
Colorado: 14 %
Calgary: 11%
Dallas: 8 %
Anaheim: 7%

I was surprised that Vancouver received such a high percentage of the votes – I would have thought that Calgary would have received more votes and why isn’t Detroit on the list?

Anyway, there is a big game against Anaheim tomorrow night; perhaps Wild fans will consider the Ducks a bigger rival if they bounce us off the boards too much. The Wild Ducks games are always hard hitting. I am ready!


Cortney said...

I think that Vancouver is definitely a huge rival for the Wild - but more in terms of fan to fan rivalry than team to team rivalry.

Anonymous said...

Back and forth, back and forth...why can't they just get their game together already???

Anonymous said...

From a fan's perspective, Vancouver. From a team perspective....the Ducks or the Avs.

Anonymous said...

I think Vancouver is our biggest rival because Matthais Ohlund cracked Koivu in the leg and broke it. He was out 25 games last year? However, the Ducks cheated their way to the top in 06-07 with alot of help from the refs (including Johnsson got sucker punched). So I'd say they are #2.

Anonymous said...

canucks, no doubt

Anonymous said...

As an old North Star fan I thought the biggest rivalry would be St. Louis.