Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brunette Plays Hurt, Plays for the Team

Marian Gaborik could take a lesson or two from Andrew Brunette. Bruno played in back to back games with a banged up leg – notching two assists in the Chicago Blackhawks game and another assist during the depressing LA Kings game. In fact, he played over 19 minutes in the Kings game and looked like one of the best players on the Xcel ice.

"It's my worst fear," Andrew Brunette said after the Wild's 5-2 loss to the Kings. "It's that people will think I'm selfish. I've never been selfish. I'm not that way. I won't ever be that way.”

Those are words you will NEVER hear come out of Marian Gaboriks mouth. Now, who do you think is the true hockey player? Which player would you rather have on your team? Gaborik has got to go.


Cortney said...

Perhaps he'll be out by the trade deadline. And we can get Jason Spezza. That would be my dream deal.

Anonymous said...

Gabby must go. I don't even care who we get instead, as long as they show up to the games.