Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Minnesota Wild Sellout Streak

There probably wont be any added fanfare surrounding the Minnesota Wild reaching its 300Th consecutive sellout this Wednesday but it is an impressive streak that is hard to duplicate in any sport. This streak is the longest active sellout streak in the NHL and it has no chance of stopping unless something drastic takes place. It can be attributed to the rabid fan support for Minnesota Wild Hockey in the Twin Cities as well as the exceptional product both on and off the ice that the Wild organization has produced. I as a HUGE Minnesota Wild fan congratulate both the organization and the Minnesota fans who have purchase all of those Wild Tickets to make the streak possible. GO WILD!!!

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dale310 said...

The Wild sellout streak is a farce, they give away tens of thousands of tickets every year. They have not sold out every game this year, so much for rabid fan support.