Monday, December 31, 2007

Boogaard On Way Out?

I am starting to get the feeling that one of my favorite Minnesota Wild players is on his way out. I don't have any proof that Derek Boogaard may of played his last game in a Minnesota Wild jersey but I feel like the writing is on the wall. Let's take a look at the facts:

1. The Minnesota Wild added tough guy Todd Fedoruk.
2. Aaron Voros has emerged as an adequate "enforcer" as well as goal scorer.
3. Derek Boogaard has been placed on the Injured Reserve after a long stay on the inactive list.
4. The NHL has placed a microscope on Derek Boogard's play and referees have been quick to penalize him.

Unfortunately, all of those things point to the greatest "Enforcer" in Minnesota Wild history losing his spot on the Wild roster. If my hunch comes true, I wouldn't want to be a "skilled" player on the Minnesota Wild. It will be open season on players like Demitra, Gaborik and Rolston without Boogaard dishing out punishment on those who take liberties with the Wild players.

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