Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fernandez Front Office Spat

Manny Fernandez continues his six-year tirade of trying to get out of Minnesota in an interview with Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press. Murphy calls the interview Fernandez gave him “wide-ranging,” and from the looks of the article it probably was. Fernandez says he has to “break free of these chains” to reach his full potential in another NHL city. If he wants to go so bad, maybe he should. I wouldn’t mind giving the young and promising Josh Harding a shot at backing up the impeccable Niklas Backstrom. In face, the Wild organization trying to hold on to Fernandez almost has a comical feel to it, being that the Wild don’t really need Fernandez and because Manny is such a whiner. Even his agent in the May 30 article basically calls Manny a whiner by saying “It’s just Manny being Manny.” Perhaps the most hilarious part of the situation is the way coach Jacques Lemaire and assistant general manager Tom Lynn react to Fernandez and his antics.

“At least once or twice a year Manny or his agent have said we’re going to trade him imminently,” Lynn said in the Pioneer Press article by Murphy. “After six years, it doesn’t really register.”

So the Wild just ignore Fernandez and keep him sadistically in a Wild sweater? I’m sorry but I find that amusing. I say keep Manny around so we can hear more funny rants from him this season. Unless of course the Wild can get some real talent in exchange for him.

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