Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tickets to the LAST Regular Season Wild Game

WILD FANS! Are you getting excited for tomorrow? I know I am because it's the last regular season Wild game this 2013 season. After the tight win on Tuesday, where the Twins went 2-1 against the Kings, we can't wait to even see what happens on Friday. Did you check the box office and see that tickets were all out? We looked around online and found these tickets from Ticket King which are probably the best deal around! Can't wait to see everyone at the game at the Xcel on Friday!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

MN Wild Freak has a Twitter

I hope all you Wild fans are already following my twitter, but just in case you missed it, follow me! @mn_wild_freak. Here's the link: Keep checking it in case you miss any of my blog posts! And we love it when we get retweets, favorites, and mentions! Let us know if you want a follow or mention on our Twitter account!


And as always, GO WILD GO!

Wild Game Tickets for 4-21

We know Sunday's Wild game is sold out at the Box office, so we found you some other alternatives! Check out Ticket King's options for the game. The game is going to be awesome. The Calgary Flames are a team that the Wild need to beat in order to continue their great streak and make it to the NHL Playoffs. Every fan needs to be there for the last three Wild home games.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


There is a HOT Wild Game tonight at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Wild need to strongly come back from the loss against the Blackhawks. The game tonight is against the St. Louis Blues who have a record of 22-14. The MN Wild's record is 22-15, so we will see how the night goes!

MN Wild Snap Chat

Hey all y'all MN Wild fans! Check out this snap chat I found of the MN Wild after a nice goal! Don't they look so happy and successful? Have any favorite MN Wild pictures? Send me a link to great ones you've bookmarked!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Minnesota Wild are Playing Great Hockey

The Minnesota Wild have been playing great hockey lately! It's been awesome to be a part of it at the Xcel Energy center. The fans have been great, the food has been great, and it's even more fun when the Minnesota Wild's record is 17-10. How impressive? We hope you've been a part of the Wild fan crowd, but if not, get yourself to a game soon. Get to a game now before time runs out. Tickets remain for ALL games, check out our selection now and GO WILD!

Regular Hockey Season's Last Month is going to be WILD

The last month of regular season hockey is going to be a WILD one (pardon our pun). Don't miss the Blackhawks on 4/9, the Blues on 4/11, or the Kings on 4/23. Each of these games are crucial as the Wild fight hard for a playoff spot. We hope they succeed because that means a longer hockey season for us!