Thursday, August 27, 2009

Minnesota Wild's 3rd Jersey leaked...

Computer Images of the New Wild Jersey, Green with Cream Writing
Although the Minnesota Wild were planning on releasing the 3rd jersey at the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday at the Wild Booth fans some how got a hold of the look and have leaked it online... as a MN Wild Fanatic, I feel it is only right to continue the spread of the new jersey.

I have to say that I like the newest look, which in many ways is very OLD HOCKEY... with the deep green and cream accents, it is definitely a vintage look. The diagonal cursive writing instead of the typical sports block printing gives the new Wild Jersey a old-school feel that makes me think of the kind of jerseys my dad was wearing when he played hockey a million years ago. My guess is that lots of MN Wild Fans are going to dig this new jersey and scoop them up fast when knock-offs are released to the public, and knowing the trendsetters of the Twin Cities, once they have the jersey they will want to wear the jersey. So for all of you real Wild fans out there who actually may want MN Wild Tickets to see the game (instead of be seen at the game) I would recommend buying tickets pronto!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

MN Wild Goalies ranked in Top-5 of Northwest Division

NHL Sports Writer Joesph Gunther released his analysis of the best goalies in the Northwest Division this week. Taking two of the five spots were MN Wild starting goalie Niklas Backstrom and backup goalie Josh Harding.

MN Wild Josh Harding took the No. 3 spot, due to his high save percentage and goals against average. Gunther wrote that Josh Harding has definitely shown he could be an NHL starter and that although he has seen limited game time, his stats are just as good if not better than the starting goalies in the division. Josh Harding is on the watch-list for several analysts and coaches to be a potential trade.

The No. 1 spot on this list went to none other than MN Wild Niklas Backstrom. Gunther reported that the Vezina Trophy finalist was one of the best in the entire league finishing last season in the Top 5 for wins, goals against average, save percentage and shut-outs. With 8 shut-outs MN Wild fans are hopeful that the 2009-2010 Wild Season will be just as successful for Backstrom.

With the Wild Season Opener just a short ways away, Wild fans won't have to wait much longer to see how the off-season and training camp helped the Wild roster get ready to come back to the Xcel!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wild vs. Red Wings Tickets

The Minnesota Wild Schedule this season is awesome! From the opener to the very last game of the regular season the Wild pulled a great draw.

The Wild vs. Red Wings games are going to be especially great this season. Although the two teams don't meet up until later in the season, the first Wild vs. Red Wings match up is Thursday January 21st at the Xcel Energy Center. They meet up again at the Xcel Energy Center on Wednesday January 27th. The two teams then meet again in Detroit on Thursday March 11 and Friday March 26th.

There are tickets to be had online for all of these games, I did some looking and for both games at the Xcel Energy Center there are seats Center Ice, row 3 facing the players bench for only $100 and in Joe Louis Arena there are great seats in between the blue lines and the face off circle for $85. There are only so many great seats in both arenas so buy Wild Tickets early if you want to sit in anything better than the nosebleeds...

MN Wild player Cal Clutterbuck gears up for 2nd season

With the 2009-2010 MN Wild season quickly approaching, Wild players are getting back into the swing of working-out and skating after having spent the summer playing and enjoying the Land of Hockey. No player seemed to spend more time having summer fun than Cal Clutterbuck, last season's standout rookie. Cal Clutterbuck who started last season with Houston in the American Hockey League, came to Minnesota to finish the season and create a name and NHL record he could be proud of.

Since last season, Cal Clutterbuck has spent a fair amount of time in Minnesota getting used to his new home and having fun. In an interview earlier this week, Clutterbuck told a reporter that he has been getting ready for this season in the same way he did last season, working out and getting in shape as well as just trying to enjoy the last few days of sunshine before he starts practice at the Xcel. One way he has enjoyed the Minnesota Summer is with a batting practice at the Metrodome with Justin Morneau of the Twins. He also had his first fishing experience on local TV with Twins great Kent Hrbek. It seems to me that this Canadian is settling in nicely to his celebrity status here in Minnesota and is going to be ready to prove that he deserves the attention. The Minnesota Wild start their season at the Xcel Energy Center on Tuesday October 6th.